Grouse & Trout History

Below is a small account of the history that could be located on the Grouse & Trout. Unfortunately, it would seem that a couple of generations has been missed and therefore limited information is available. We welcome anyone who can provide more information to build a clear story of the former Flichity Inn and the current Grouse & Trout.


The present property was built in 1860 as the outbuildings once part of the original Flichity Inn. 

The Flichity Inn was destroyed by fire in 1964. The reason for the fire is not known. The property was also previously known as the Tighnallan Inn, however it is unclear when the name change took place.


The Flichity Inn used to be part of Flichity Estate which is situated just down the road. It was clearly sold separately. Flichity Estate is currently a shooting estate providing pheasant shooting, grouse, partridge and deer stalking.


The property stood derelict for some time and was purchased by John Trotter of Achneim in the early eighties. Mr Trotter converted the steading into a habitable property and called it the Grouse & Trout. The name drew on the abundance of trout fishing in the area and local grouse shooting. It initially consisting out of small shops in one end, a bar in the main building which a games room on the top floor. Much care was taken to preserve the old stonework and timber beams, giving a sense of unhurried charm and traditional workmanship

It is the Grouse & Trout that many locals can remember and the good times had here. It was reportedly the place to come. It is affectionally known as The G & T.

Some years later it was acquired by the MacGillivray family and owned by them until 2004. The MacGillivray family have lived in the Strath since before the battle of Culloden.

It was during their ownership that the name was changed to ‘The Steadings Hotel’ and much of the hotel changed into accommodation and restaurant dining.



Alexander, ‘The Stag on the Stone’ sited in the grounds was put there in 2003 to celebrate the continuity and connection this ancient and proud clan has had with the area of Strathnairn for many centuries. The stag symbolizes the strength of the kinship shared by those who bear the name throughout the world. Donated to the Clan MacGillivray International Association by the family of the late Ronald MacGillivray of Boleskine 1934-2002.

Alexander faces towards the hotel rather than towards the main road. The reason for this is that Alexander can see the ruins on the hill behind the hotel which was the MacGillivray clan’s lookout for the “red coats”. Alexander is also looking down the “Strath” to look for the “red coats”.Furnished throughout to compliment the age and history of the unique building and location.


After the MacGilvray’s sold the Hotel many owners and managers have been and gone. Unfortunately, it is during this time that much of its history seems to have gone astray and been forgotten.

The property was purchased by Robert and Angelique in June 2021 who are trying to restore it to the much loved and bustled Grouse & Trout. The bar and restaurant are open to residents and locals alike.